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Foldable Marine Crane Complete overhaul and Certification

Comprehensive service, repair, inspection, and certification of the Palfinger Marine Foldable Crane.

This project was crucial to ensure the continued safety, reliability, and compliance of your marine lifting equipment; The project was conducted in accordance with international standards, procedures and codes such as: ASME B 30.2, ASME B30.4, ASME B 30.9, ASME B 30.10, ASME B 30.16, ASME B 30.20, ASME B30.21, ASME B30.23, ASME B30.26, AWS D1.1, ASME SECTION V, ASTM E-165, ASTM E- 709, ASTM E797 / ASTM E-317.

Executive Summary:

  1. **Pre-Service Assessment:**

             a. Consultation with client representatives to address any specific concerns or requirements.

      2. **Service and Maintenance:**

            a. Lubrication of all moving parts.

            b. Replacement of worn-out components, as needed.

            c. Hydraulic Cylinder and Hydraulic components in-house 3rd party NDT Inspection and Reseal.

            d. Complete Hydraulic Cylinder bench functional hydro test and in-house 3rd party witnessed report.

            e. Complete Hose system replacement and Stand-Alone hydro test and in-house 3rd party Certification.

            f. Chrome cylinder rod repair.

            g. Refilling the hydraulic cylinders with hydraulic oil.

            h. Epoxy Paint to all Crane components and parts.

  1. **Structural Inspection:**

            a. Visual examination of structural components for signs of corrosion, cracks, or wear.

            b. In-house 3rd party Non-destructive testing (NDT) of critical structural elements, Crane Base, Boom Etc.

     4. **Shop Functional Testing:**

           a. Pressure Bench Testing of all hydraulic Cylinders stand-alone.

           b. Testing of all crane functions, including folding and boom mechanisms.

           c. Verification of hydraulic system performance.

   5. ** Installation and Certification Process:**

          a. Installation on Vessel deck.

          b. Functional test.

          c. Load Testing.

         d. Generation of a certification document upon successful completion.

  6. **Documentation and Reporting:**

        a. Detailed service and inspection report outlining all performed tasks.

        b. Certification document, including compliance details.

 7.**Recommendations and Future Considerations:**

       a. Perform load test per Manufacturer specs.

       b.  Maintain a Monthly, Quarterly, and Annual inspection program for the crane’s structural, mechanical, electrical, hydraulic,and   

          safety  devices to guarantee adequate crane operation, following the guidelines of the API RP 2D standard.

This comprehensive scope of work was tailored to ensure that your Palfinger Marine Foldable Crane undergoes a thorough service, repair, inspection, and certification process. We are committed to delivering a high standard of service to enhance the performance and safety of your marine lifting equipment





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